"Contrary to her claim, CORY was disgusted at the so-called
advocacy of NINOY for democracy. "

CORY divorced Sen. NINOY AQUINO as early as in 1980 and particularly insisted on separation in Boston, Massachusetts. NINOY refused to sign the divorce papers over love for his children.

Due to the highly opinionated, one-track mind and unbendable thinking of CORY, a very peculiar situation existed in the AQUINO house in Boston. When the family were buying their food supplies and toiletries, et al other personal items, NINOY had a push cart of his own. CORY on the other hand, had a push cart for herself and supposedly for her children.

When NINOY ate, he either cooked or ate alone or sometimes with an infrequent guest.

NINOY was allegedly sometimes “aburido” (anguished) over the arrangement that CORY imposed upon the family that even he would even sometimes quarrel with his infrequent guest(s).

However, it was NINOY who took care of all the bills and CORY did not even have a single cent to spare. Each time the family’s finances ran low, NINOY would rush to a public pay phone in any of the streets or corners of Boston and make a confidential call to the late Ferdinand MARCOS FERDIE, his fraternity brother in Upsilon Sigma Phi.

After each call, with only minutes, an hour or hours interval, a packet of One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$100,000) would arrive at the family’s place or at a designated drop point.

This arrangement with NINOY was brought by CORY to her relationship with the siblings of husband. That if she and husband were separated, even if technically, and they were living together in a hellish artificial arrangement for the sake of image, the children and other factors, ergo, all the relatives of NINOY were of no more consequence to her since she was no longer related to them as well under law. Kawawa naman si Ninoy, kaya pala nagpakamatay!!! Dios Mio!!!

Since it is a verified fact that CORY’s own cousin, and four (4) others ordered the execution of NINOY, it was suspected that since CORY and the berdugo cousin are blood relatives, she knew of the plan to eliminate her technically divorced husband, but she simply did not care. It is probably even possible that she warned him not to go to RP but more in spite than as a show of her love and concern for NINOY’s well being.

Contrary to her claim, CORY was disgusted at the so-called advocacy of NINOY for democracy. All she supposedly wanted was to live like the daughter of a rich couple, spend money around and engage in her love: gambling. CORY was allegedly addicted to gambling even at an early age that when NINOY was a neophyte Senator, he was always humiliated when he entertained visitors in their house at Times Street.

When not travelling out of the house, CORY would always stay in her sleeping wear (dusters / negligees) and play mah jong or other games with her amigas and amigos in the guest room of the Times Street house.

If CORY went out of the room to fetch an item outside of the game room or use the comfort room away from the gamblers, and she passes by the Guests of her Senator husband, she just passes by them. She would not even offer water, tea, coffee nor juice to any of the Guests.

NINOY would do the chore himself with the help of the maids or house boys. CORY would also hardly make any decent greetings to Guests she had no relations to, like “Hi!”, “Hello!” or shake hands with the Guests. She just whizzes past them as if they were made of stone or did not exist and as if she was trying to show them that she never cared but that it was her house and the Guests were complete strangers and/or their presence was unwanted.

CORY did not love NINOY nor God. When Raul MANGLAPUS and NINOY quarreled sometimes in their Boston home, CORY is said to have sided always with MANGLAPUS. MANGLAPUS on the other hand, during his stay in the US, was active in recruiting for the religion of Satanism. It is suspected that since CORY embraced the political party of MANGLAPUS (National Union of Christian Democrats --- NUCD) as her party also, she might have been recruited to Satanism.

Kristina Bernadette Aquino YAP KRIS and all her siblings all knew that NINOY loved CORY up to the extent that he could but that CORY fully came to reject him since the late 1970s and in 1980. Her statement that CORY loved only NINOY and was CORY’s one and only was not totally accurate.


In Malacañang, after EDSA I, the late CORY and a prominent politician, Cabinet turned senator, would enter the Malacañang president’s bedroom. The purpose was for an alleged Closed Door Meeting. The couple would not re-emerge from the bedroom for more than half a day and when they did, they appeared to be a silently loving couple.

The practice lasted until the cabinet member turned senator died. The wife of the senator might have suspected and supposedly hated CORY for that. CORY also had other flings and standing sexual relationships with other men. It was bandied around in Malacañang at the time that CORY’s choice of the senator was that he had a really very long sexual organ and he could still manage to have intercourse. The gossip in Malacañang was that if the man who was invited to have a closed door with CORY had a long penis then the meeting was not a real one but an act of knowing in the bible's sense.

This practice of CORY got too well known that when CORY caught her daughter KRIS naked in her own bedroom lying on the stomach of then Executive Secretary Oscar ORBOS OCA who was also naked, KRIS after getting a mouthful from her mother mumbled to the effect that she was not to understand where else will she inherit her “Makati Puke” but from her mom. There and then ORBOS and his entire “bitbit” staff were kicked out unceremoniously out of Malacañang, never to return. Only a lawyer director of ORBOS was reappointed, but during or immediately before the time of ex-Pres. Fidel V. RAMOS (FVR) at an attached agency of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) based at Balara, Quezon City. Of course, ORBOS can always deny he slept with Kris. And vice versa. Ms. Kris would cry if you ask her, how is it like to have sex and keep shouting "Dad! Pa!" all the time. It's oedipal complex, to some psychologists.

The CPP/NPA/NDFP, AQUINO family, civil society, political opposition et al said to have been imported paid mourners from Tarlac, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, from Hacienda Luisita and other parts, to attend the funeral of CORY. The Three Hundred Thousand odd purported crowd that attended the funeral, was fake. The only real CORY lovers in that crowd were the family and CPP whose original leaders were helped and propelled by CORY and family in the beginning to form their underground organization.

There is no way that the much ballyhooed massive turn out can suffice to form a new People Power at EDSA (or elsewhere) and overthrow the regime under ARROYO that will not be full of for-hire participants from the squatter areas. Even the squatter area residents have already wizened to the temptations of attending mass protests since a lot of the programs of government have penetrated into their communities already.

That the massive sympathy crowd can determine the course of the 2010 elections, or a coup d’ etat, or any other anti-government purpose is a fallacy.

Even in Tarlac itself, particularly in the place where there are NINOY relatives, CORY will not even be considered a VIP or worse, she might even be looked down upon not as a human being for the way she treated NINOY.

The saintly attributes of CORY appears to be overshadowed by the real and actual testimonies of those that shared space with her, as follows:

Before CORY became President, in Malacañang Palace every Thursday, there was a so-called “Sunshine Day!”

Contractors secretly offered gifts to the First Family contained in single boxes each per contractor or supplier. In each box were highest denomination bills at the time of One Hundred Philippine Pesos (Php100.00) amounting to either Five Hundred Thousand, One Million, One Pesos Five Hundred Thousand Pesos in most of the time.

Come “Sunshine Day!”, all employees and many times even residents of Brgy. Malacañang would be required to form a line at the Finance Division then headed by Presidential official in charge with the MARCOS administration’s finance Jacobo C. CLAVE JAKE. Each employee was given a pay envelope with token cash coming the gift boxes of contractors and suppliers.

When CORY came to the Palace, the single box were replaced with big trendy suitcases. The Php100 denominations were replaced with Five Hundred bills. The amounts of Php500,000, Php1,000,000 and Php1,500,000 were replaced with a very low of Ten, Fifteen and a normal level of Twenty Million Philippine Pesos (Php10,000,000, Php15,000,000 and Php20,000,000).

Mrs. "DDD", senior staff of CLAVE informed Ma. Elena Aquino CRUZ BALLSY, then chief aide of CORY about the tradition of “Sunshine Day!” and requested that it be continued. BALLSY was infuriated about the information and pointed at some suitcases full of cash from contractors whose papers were being expedited by the new group of CORY in Malacañang and said, “Ano’ng sunshine-sunshine? Eh, barya nga lang yang nasa maleta!!! Ano pa ba ang gusto nila, eh di naman sa kanila yan!!!” Effectively, the Thursday “Sunshine Day!” tradition was scrapped and replaced with Thursday “Lungkot Day!”

A security aide of NINOY in the US, revealed that after the forming of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), the cousin of CORY immediately made a transfer of funds in Australia from his account to a confidential account in favor of CORY, through her brother Jose S. COJUANGCO, Jr. PEPING in the amount of Two Hundred Million United States Dollars (USD200,000,000). The transaction was kept very hidden and was bruited to be the first of the set of enormous amounts to come into the CORY family for making PCGG soft on those that have the capacity to pay.

The second set of payments was arranged by the then Exec. Sec. who demanded from Lucio TAN a tremendous amount of cash to ensure that PCGG will not turn the TAN group of companies upside down. TAN was forced to shell out initially Four Hundred Million Philippine Pesos (Php400,000,000) followed by another payment of a similarly huge amount.

A large number of MARCOS favored personalities were forced to pay out very large amounts to the CORY family.

Former Judge now senator, was summoned by CORY and told to head the Immigration Bureau. The ex-Judge accepted the offer and now became Immigration Commissioner. CORY was in firm agreement with some Filipino Chinese to launch a secret record destruction operation at the bureau. In exchange for more or less Five Hundred Thousand Philippine Pesos (Php500,000), CORY ordered the papers of a single illegal Chinese alien to be burned, shredded or purged in any other fitting manner. Salvaje!!! Nationalist? Not likely!!!

At the time of CORY’s ascendancy in the Palace, there were about six million (6,000,000) Chinese in the Philippines. The figure can be contested but it was the only estimate at the time closest to the true situation. Only two million (2,000,000) were either legal Chinese or else were paying Alien Registration Fees regularly for staying in the country. About four million (4,000,000) or the figure could be higher, were illegals. A good number of the illegals were even criminals that were fugitives of their native land.

CORY had an account in Switzerland and other offshore banks where she ordered Immigration Commissioner to forward the payments from the Chinese whose papers were erased from the record section of the immigration bureau. To make the situation fully covered, a small operation was conducted to make the fourth floor of the bureau building look extremely topsy turvy. All the systematically organized files at the records room were turned upside down, thrown here and there and the room was made to appear very messy and dirty. As a result, no one learned about CORY’s destruction of untold files of illegal Chinese in the country.

If the maximum number of illegals and with a large number of additionals (newly human smuggled chinese) will be accounted for, the amount that could have been placed in CORY’s Switzerland or other offshore bank(s) will have come to a rough total of Two Trillion Philippine Pesos (Php2,000,000,000,000) that could have converted at a rate of Php21 : US$1.00 to Nine Five Billion Two Hundred Thirty Eight Million and Ninety Five Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Eight United States Dollars (USD95,238,095,238). At the time, that would have been one-tenth of the entire Swiss Deposits (one-third of the worldwide total) of the MARCOS wealth. A staggering amount of money that Immigration Commissioner could have also partaken of and could be one of the more likely entrusted managers aside from some Chinese individual or group that CORY used to filch the Sino community in the country.

It is suspected that many of the criminals freed by CORY from illegal status are among those that are leading in the syndicated drug trafficking activities in RP and beyond our shores, making RP a notorious nation on the drugs watch list. It has also corrupted RP’s system into a narco-politic state.

It is expected that if any AQUINO will run for high public office, BID Commisioner as a finance / fund manager will not be far behind. Or given her innate intelligence and intellect, Immigration chief could use a go-between to serve as the fund manager for the AQUINO candidate, possibly Sen. Benigno C. AQUINO III NOYNOY or Kristina Bernadette Aquino YAP KRIS.

Mr. KOC (code name), a former deep cover consultant of the National Security Council (NSC) director who reported the operation under a report codename “YELLOW FEVER”, was entrapped in a sting operation where KOC was secretly charged with illegal financial dealings concerning the release of a certain detainee Col. ACOSTA and a Lt. Roque LIWAG of the rebel military organization RAM and KOC was endorsed as a consultant to the Presidential Security Group (PSG) to be banished from NSC forever as long the pro-CORY people worked there.

Another charge against KOC was that he was reported to have spread the news that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the old National Intelligence Security Agency (NISA) budgets were cut by seventy percent (70%) on the advice of leftists inside and outside the government providing “advise” to CORY. The charge was baseless because O’CHAVEZ was only shown and only saw a box containing orders of the President (CORY that the NSC Director said cut down the AFP-NISA money by 70%, but did not actually see the orders in print. Also the consultant never told anyone about the unseen papers or the box.

When brought up with the NICA during the time of ex-pres. Jose Marcelo EJERCITO ERAP, KOC who was asked to consult discreetly with the subject Agency, the NICA still considered it preposterous that the NSC Director was ordered to pare down the AFP and intelligence community budget by 70%. In reality that was what happened. Morale in the AFP went down. The defenders of democracy and the very people that put CORY in power were victims of CORY’s paranoia.

CORY placed her relatives in the NSC-NICA payroll among other relatives since their fat salaries need not be accounted for under the law. Further, they acted as her eyes and ears inside that intelligence Agency.

Among the elites in the country during the MARCOS era, it is almost impossible to identify any one elite family that did not kowtow and kiss the ass of then First Lady Imelda Romualdez MARCOS MELDY (FL) and her husband, the late Pres. MARCOS just to borrow money from the couple. FL was gracious and generous to the AYALAs, LOPEZes, ORTIGASes, EJERCITOs, COJUANGCOs et al. She considered herself a friend to all of them when in fact they talked harshly against her at her back.

Multi-millions up to billions of Pesos were given in loans in exchange for land titles of worthless real estate; shares of stocks of dying companies - Ortigas Group, Ayala companies; future receivables from companies in dire straits and heavy indebtedness like Meralco, etc. Many of these companies were sequestered during Martial Law for their refusal to pay loans and for other reasons, aside from the fact that military administration required sequestration and nationalization of foreign interests.

After MARCOS was gone, CORY gave back Meralco and other related companies like ABS-CBN, Chronicle, etc. to the LOPEZes despite the heavy debts to the MARCOS family and the Philippine Government being the guarantor of its enormous foreign debts.

CORY did the same to the LOPA empire, since BABY LOPA was married to her sister, Gina COJUANGCO, whose son, RAPA LOPA is the owner on record of survey company Pulse Asia that is giving GMA a bad name every time it does a survey.

During CORY’s regime, she ordered selected members of the Supreme Court to transfer the shares of stock of Hans MENZI and Ferdinand MARCOS, Jr. to her dummy, a man purporting to call himself DON EMILIO YAP. Effectively, government and MARCOS shares came under the ownership of “DON EMILIO YAP” in Bulletin Today, Manila Hotel and a long string of other companies.

When the agreements between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and Switzerland were firmed up, the Swiss Minister of Finance Peter MULLER was corrupted by CORY, Francisco CHAVEZ (then Solicitor General), government secretaries and relatives of CORY. MULLER agreed to be part of the “commissioners” and secret riders to the GRP-Swiss agreements on the transfer of the Swiss deposits were made where CORY and her subalterns, blood relations were to receive a huge part of the MARCOS wealth in the form of commissions.

Growing greedy, CORY thereafter demanded that principal amount including the sums indicated in the rider agreements be placed in a conduit account. She gave the account coordinates to MULLER. When the final deciding entity, the Swiss superior court traced the account, it belonged to CORY. The commission of MULLER became stone. Kawawang Pedro!!!

The deal to transfer the MARCOS wealth as the late president willed to the Filipino People and the survivors of the MARCOS family became null and void, still, even with FVR, ERAP, GMA becoming presidents, it was still CORY’s signature on the agreements and the riders that were binding. Now that CORY is dead, even the commissions of PEPING, KRIS, BALLSY, Maria Victoria Eliza Dee VIEL, Maria Aurora Corazon Abellada PINKY and Benigno Cojuangco AQUINO, III NOYNOY, and the rest of the relatives and former Cabinet, friends, cronies, are gone. Naku! Sayang!!!

The decision of The Honorable, The Supreme Court of the Philippines to make FL the executor of the will is long due, however it could not be done with CORY still alive. Or nearly all the money will go to CORY and her own very close people. So Namatay na, wala nang sagabal na sakim.

CORY is far from being a saint. Which is the reason why, FL who is terrified of even the idea of the existence of CORY as if she were Satan personified, prefers to just call her “pangit” and lashes at her at every occasion.

When one of CORY’s daughters was about to marry, it was gossiped in the family that the husband-to-be of daughter was a member of a family that were notorious ... disguised as decent “businessmen.” CORY allegedly said in confidence to one of her amigas, “Aba! Eh ano kung ... ? Masama ba’ng gumawa ng pera ang tao? Hanap buhay lang yaaan!” The marriage happened and so one of her daughters is now the infamous missus to a big time


During CORY’s regime, she ordered a former central Luzon governor using diplomatic and other perks to hand carry for her multi-millions of United States Dollars to foreign banks, for purposes undeclared. A then Manila International Airport (MIA) contingent of the Intelligence Group, Armed Forces of the Philippines (IS AFP) intercepted the voluminous amount of money and placed the former governor on hold.

After learning about the plight of the ex-governor and panicking about the condition of her money, CORY went super ballistic, called the airport officials thereat and berated them as well as gave a mouthful of dirty, harsh words against the ISAFP personnel. Mother of God!!!

During the time of then Sec. FVR as Secretary of National Defense (SND), one operative in ISAFP was required to submit a project proposal to negate and neutralize at least one economic threat to the country, as were several other operatives. The operative submitted the target Antonio KHO, most notorious overlord of the smuggling syndicates operating in the Bureau of Customs since the time of MARCOS. The plan to raid the premises of KHO’s offices and residence was elevated to the Chief of Staff AFP (CS AFP). After several weeks, it was again elevated, this time to SND. After another several weeks, it was elevated to CORY. The late ex-president said not to touch KHO because he was her relative. The qualifying statement said to be from SND was also that: “Malaki masyado iyang isda na yan. Kaya tayo habulin kahit saan tayo magpunta kung hulihin natin iyan!”

Among the worst that CORY did in her life was place her factotums like Constabulary agent Jesus Jose Maria Cabauatan BINAY as mayor of Makati and as her so-called confidanté in the so-called Cause Oriented Group (COG). Muy negrito!!! Matón y animales de primero!!! Carajo!!! Que barbaridad!!! Ms. Corazon Juliano SOLIMAN et al into the government to learn to steal from the public treasury after mastering the act of stealing from NGO coffers. (SOLIMAN is the daughter of her family’s capataz at Hacienda Luisita.) So is her sponsorship of the CPP/NPA/NDFP, although she cannot be faulted for not really understanding NINOY’s creation of KUMANDER DANTE in behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), using the late Bren GUIAO and his (NINOY’s) so-called Twelve (12) Apostles as runners between himself and DANTE.

After NINOY died, thinking that the CPP/NPA/NDFP were friends of NINOY, she released all the captured communists into private cognizance. Madre de Dios!!!

Furthermore, having a brain the size of a moon bean, during a mah jong session, DOLLY NAZARENO, wife of Gen. Cesar NAZARENO said if she wins the game, Cesar will become Chief, PC/INP later PNP. DOLLY won, so Cesar became Chief. MONCHIE BIAZON also did the same with CORY. During a session reaching up to midmorning, CORY lost and MONCHIE found herself as the wife of the new Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. One late member of 12 Apostles when he was alive confided after BIAZON and NAZARENO became chiefs, “No other pea-brained housewife ever achieved such an accomplishment in the entire history of the country. So Tita Cory must really deserve all the credit for having a moon bean for a brain!”

In the time of CORY, the NISA was renamed into NICA. It was during this time when all the derogatory records of many allies of Chairman Jose Ma. SISON of the CPP/NPA/NDFP, other kinds of leftists with crimes against society and the people, were whitewashed by the subalterns of CORY.

There will be more to suffer from the acts and notoriety of CORY in the years and generations to come. And those of her kampons. There will be untold stories that will come out of the woodwork.

The sad memory of a maniac and adorer of things material will be eased out of the public mind only through a painful process. And over a long, long time.

If the supporters of CORY all around the world will mount a people power, let them fuck themselves! No one likes a dirty ex-president who idolized money, long penises, was addicted to gambling, and had no heart at all.

If the fans and lovers of CORY want to rave and rant let them be!!!

And if they will be able to make VATICAN turn her into Saint Corazon, let them be! And may the satanistas rejoice with them!!!

To all of them riling up our peace, we say, fuck all of them and may they get what they deserve in due time... in due time...

Source: caredt.blogspot.com


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08/02/2013 2:36am

May the insiders of the Aquinos profess the real stories of a so-called icon of Democracy in Asia. She has committed crimes like the Hacienda Luisita massacre with 3 priests missing and presumed to be killed. The Mendiola massacre that still haunts her presidency.

Lucena Diacamus
08/06/2013 1:33am

The writer of this article maligning CORY is a DEVIL!!! But sorry ka lang because you will NEVER succeed. Nobody will believe you except those with devilish minds too! Why are there creatures like you!! Unchristian, unFilipino, coward who speaks against someone who can no longer defend herself. This is LIBEL in its worst form. Ako nga ang harapin mo, at magduwelo tayo. Walanghiya ka! May God have mercy on your soul!!

08/14/2013 10:17am

The world is conquered by devil, as long as we fear our creator we are of God and we are not part of evil. Everyone who react in this article is already a victim of satan or conquered by satan, unless you think something to save them from evil or hell. Let's save our soul.

jose pidal
08/21/2013 10:02pm

The author of this blog is an ARROYO PROPAGANDIST.

02/06/2014 2:31pm

Miss Lucena,
you just don't have any idea what happened to Hacienda Luisita...
some of my relatives. Cojuanco's are greedy. And when
Ninoy Aquino, then senator was asked to interfere for the people (where my relatives and friends were one of them), He declined... maybe he was afraid? whatever the reason was... I don't know. Later... when Cory was already a president... One of her yellow army who became my friend told me they "yellow army" were commissioned to kill people who will oppose the Cojuanco in Hacienda Luisita... The writer.... whoever he or she is is just stating the facts... I heard those rumors way back then... Some of the rumors I know from reliable sources...

bisaya ko..
04/14/2014 11:51pm

bago mu pgtakpan ang idolo mong demonyo... alamin mo muna kung anghel ba talaga xa... kawawa ka... napaniwala ka sa kasinungalingan nila... tingnan mu nga ang kapaligiran mu ngayon? mgbasa2 ka nga!!!!! go marcos go!!!!!!!

Roberto F. fortu
07/07/2014 6:35pm

LOL!!!!! The writer knows something that is covered up by media.

Derick makabayan
07/12/2014 11:54pm

It's the other way around. Watch as it unfolds and see for yourself! Yung sinasamba mo ang may sa demonyo!

jose pidal
08/21/2013 9:56pm

This article was written by an ARROYO PROPAGANDIST.

nonong aquino
12/06/2013 2:39am

sorry pero naniniwala ako sa article...

Jerry Gil
07/21/2014 2:51am

oh you believe in a myth? You probably the one going ballistic if someone says tooth fairy is not real.
This article is solely a myth it didn't provide any evidences like some old articles that prove some of the claims?

02/05/2014 7:12pm

kawawa naman kame......... wala na kaming HUSTISYA kase patay na sya! mag bigay galang na lang daw...

Ace David
08/02/2013 6:48am

There must be at least a pinch of truth on some of these statements. I find the writer to be a person who is too close to the subject to have stated details like that of the "close door" meetings. I hope that the writer's agenda is backed up by her (I suspect she's a lady) desire to reveal the truth than creative writing of fictitious narration. I suspect as well that the writer is already old. If my suspicions are right, why not expose yourself and publicly and proudly make all these pronouncements? Let's write a book. After all, what is worth doing is worth doing well.

Oscar Moralde
08/04/2013 8:20am

I agree to your deductions. I am sure she is close to the late President Cory to know all all those things.

Hennie Alyssa M. Gutierrez
08/11/2013 9:24pm

Considering she is too close to the Aquino family must have been the reason why she cannot show herself. She will be damned.

Hennie Alyssa M. Gutierrez
08/11/2013 9:26pm

I found her. https://www.facebook.com/jasmine.online

08/14/2013 10:53am

You suspect to much, addict ka ba? Paranoid. .

08/02/2013 10:36pm


Ang dami kasing mga tangang naniniwala lang basta-basta. Hoy, 'wag kayong tatanga-tanga ha!

08/04/2013 4:59am

Time pa ni Cory may issue na ganyan..basa basa pag may time.

08/21/2013 9:54am

anong BASA BASA DIN PAG MAY TIME pinagsasasabi mo? Its such a moronic thing to say... You lot like to follow trends that aren't even useful in your life! Just like this stupid article! So what if Cory Aquino did such thing? Why didn't you speak up when she was alive and kicking? Not now when she's gone and no longer here able to protect here self.....Its disgusting! It just goes to show what kind of cheap-shit-trick some people would use to get noticed! Her decisions in her life are something you or anyone out there pretending to be 'SAINTS' can judge! if she truly has done these stuff you have allegedly broadcast-ed here in your cheap website, its still not up to you to judge her like you haven't got a bone in your body that hasn't sinned! You're not God to even pass judgement on someone else!


You nut-job! You deserve every shitty and nasty comments here! You have no backbone! REVEAL YOUR TRUE SELF SO WE CAN SEE WHAT KIND OF WORTHLESS BASTARD AND PIECE OF TRASH YOU TRULY ARE!

Robby Garreth
08/05/2013 1:50am


Nayumi Kimura
11/10/2013 9:24pm

Right. Nagtatago lang naman siya sa isang pangalang hindi maglalaglag sa kanya.

Richard Galia
12/24/2013 12:51pm

Freedom accompanies responsibility. It doesn't mean that because we have freedom of speech you can say anything you want. Thats also the reason why we have libel and oral defamation. Have you been to college? Have yourself a bit of the philippine law...

Lucy is movin' on up to level 2 in FarmVille!
02/06/2014 2:46pm

Hey, taga saan ka ba? Kung taga Tarlac ka... you will know that not just a pinch is true about the blog. I have relatives and friends who was a part of Hacienda Luista exodus. They are now relocated in Nueva Ecija now called Bo. Maligaya. A friend who was one of yellow army said they were commissioned to kill people who will oppose the Cojuanco. The then Senator Aquino did not do anything to help the people even when he was asked to interfere. A religious group helped these people... and so there was an exodus.

04/14/2014 11:58pm

ebidenxa ba hanap mo? pakita mo muna ebidenxa ni aquino kay marcos at autopsy report ni ninoy... at pati na rin sa likod ng katotohanan sa kasinungalingan ng mga aquino sa pgkamatay ni ninoy at kung bakit xa naging hero daw kuno!

04/22/2014 11:01pm


05/31/2014 10:17pm

Kung katulong k nakikita mo at naririnig mo ang ginagawa at sinasabi ng amo mo anong piece og evidence papakita mo?

08/04/2013 4:58am

These was already an issue before..I'm not surprised..

08/04/2013 5:40am

Call me STUPID or TANGA if I will believe this non-sense false story, to all READERS of this non-sense false story beware to be STUPID or TANGA after reading.

08/04/2013 5:55am

Whatever it is, marriage was never perfect for everyone, cguro dumaan nga sila sa matinding away...ang importante sila pa rin hanggang huli....maraming pagkakataon na hindi talaga kau magkakaintindihan sa isang bagay at pagkatapos ng away, may isa na makakaintindi rin sa isa.....So dont put it on the negative side,

08/04/2013 7:04am

This is pure BS! I am wasting my time reading this...I did not even finish it,,, The writer must be referring to Imelda not Cory... this writer must be hallucinating over drugs....

Dr Lorenzo Rosales
08/04/2013 7:16am

True or not. Posting it in itself is a sin. Who taught you your morals. Your parents? You are a coward.

08/05/2013 1:58am

ames 4:11 ESV / 34 helpful votes

Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge.

James 4:11

08/05/2013 2:03am

Proverb 11:9, “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor...”
Again, some people are hateful, malicious and rotten, searching and looking for one's sins so they can parade them publicly to destroy that person. This is horrible sin.

08/05/2013 2:04am

Proverb 11:9, “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor...”
Again, some people are hateful, malicious and rotten, searching and looking for one's sins so they can parade them publicly to destroy that person. This is horrible sin.

08/05/2013 2:04am

Proverb 11:9, “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor”
Again, some people are hateful, malicious and rotten, searching and looking for one's sins so they can parade them publicly to destroy that person. This is horrible sin.

08/05/2013 2:04am

Proverb 11:9, “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor”
Again, some people are hateful, malicious and rotten, searching and looking for one's sins so they can parade them publicly to destroy that person. This is horrible sin.

05/31/2014 10:00pm

If ur mom is gambling n u tell it 2 ur father and family relatives, u speak evil?

08/04/2013 7:43am

dati pang balita ung nagrocery cla n may kkanyang kanyang tray, at halata nmn kay kris n malandi maharot malibog, nkaanak s kanya ilan? ano nangyari kay remember nagkatulo dati c kris. aun may anak n special child din, iniwan ni yap, kau mga baliw traidor tlga s bansa nten ang pamilya nila, ang BANGSAMORO malinaw bintahan nagaganap, panu utak intsk mga aquino

Oscar Moralde
08/04/2013 8:25am

I agree, Malaysia try to facilitate late Ninoy Aquino entry coming back to the Philippines.

08/04/2013 7:49am

The article seems exaggerated, but I know there are some truths in it, like Cory was a majohgnira or gambler. She had obsession on wealth like how she sold and gave government assets to her family and cronies. The pattern of her constitution protects the oligarchs like 60-40 restriction policy, deregulation laws, contractualization and even included pork barrel to bribe politicians. The death of her husband remains a mystery despite Cory's presidency and it is common knowledge of everyone that might be cojuancos assassinated him.

Now, maybe I believe in Karma like look at the hell of their life? Ninoy was assassinated, Cory died in cancer, hacienda luisita is shed with blood and massacres, Kris marriage was hell with her retarded son, Pnoy is rumored autistic and now haunted by his promises that turn into lies. Ballsy is now in trouble of extortion and many more!!!

08/04/2013 2:41pm

Very well said !!! Vinz

08/09/2013 5:58am

Tokmol....Look at yourself and the way you comment , its obvious na you are a drug addict and a sex maniac...

Tokmol Yusa
08/06/2013 6:44am

Ang sumulat nito tumira ata ng acid, ha ha ha. Flip eh. Baka sumasalsal pa habang sumusulat. Tapos ang daming uto-utong naniwala!!! HA HA HA HA! PAHINGI NAMAN NG HINITHIT NIYO!

08/09/2013 5:57am

Look at yourself and the way you comment , its obvious na you are a drug addict and a sex maniac...

11/18/2013 3:17pm

I am very digsgusted to this family after reading the article and realized that this is true. This family is really so bad as to dupe the Filipino people. How I wished the Philippines did not drive away President marcos because if he had only continued his reign and put effectively his successor the Philippines must have been the strongest country in Asia now.

08/04/2013 12:37pm

Mag move on na kayo. Iwanan na ang dating usapan. Ang isipin nalang natin ngaun kung paano magkaroon ng partisipasyon para umangat ang ating bayan. Hindi moral ng iisang tao o iisang pamilya lang nag babagsak sa mga ganyang negatibong article. kundu buong Kapinoyan. Kung ano man ang nagyari noon parte nalang yan ng kwento. Ang maganda pang gawin ipakita nalang ang mga magagandang pangyayari sa ating bansa para lalong dumami pa ang investor at turista, Para makatulong naman tayong makapagbigay ng trabaho sa mga kababayan nating di pinapalad makakita ng pormal na trabaho.

Hennie Alyssa M. Gutierrez
08/11/2013 9:29pm

Minsan, hindi pagmu-move on ang solusyon sa mga bagay. Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas, we are very much controlled by the past! We have past issues na hindi pa na-so-solve and will never be solved kung hindi mapapalitan ang presidente o ang current administration at maloloko ang mga Pilipino! Hindi n'yo po ba naiisip yan?! There's a tinge of truth in this article. And it will never ever be solved kung magmu-move on lang tayo.

09/08/2013 2:00am


richard galia
12/24/2013 12:56pm

Its not about changing the people in the government. We should have the rule of law which people in the philippines doesnt practice. Just for this matter speaking without evidence is being above the law. If you will make a verdict without the due process of law then its injustice. So to let everyone velieve and make this propaganda legal and official the author ahould come out with substantial evidences

Nayumi Kimura
08/11/2013 9:29pm

Hindi pagmu-move on ang solusyon sa mga bagay. Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas, we are very much controlled by the past! We have past issues na hindi pa na-so-solve and will never be solved kung hindi mapapalitan ang presidente o ang current administration at maloloko ang mga Pilipino! Hindi n'yo po ba naiisip yan?! There's a tinge of truth in this article. And it will never ever be solved kung magmu-move on lang tayo.

08/04/2013 1:19pm

Grabe nman..satanism talaga????ang bobo nman,ng sumulat nito at,ang babaw ha...sigurado ang sumulat nito may sayad...pagamot muna ha bago magsulat baka maganda na mensahe mababasa namin..ang maniniwala lang nito kapwa niya,baliw lang..

08/04/2013 1:30pm

Writer imagination is too lunatic to make up all this stories.. Unbelievable because of the too much details as if her soul is the one narrating...

08/04/2013 3:14pm

May true and false, at least we know where to stand!
God knows everything... Pinas... how pity! lahat ng umupo nagpapayaman at pinayayaman ang ibang bansa dahil sa daming account na tinatago... haaay!

08/04/2013 4:08pm


08/04/2013 7:14pm

OMG. Give her a break. . .

08/04/2013 7:15pm

napakadusgusting naman ito. . .

08/04/2013 8:07pm


08/13/2013 1:39am

i don't thnik it is fiction.... beforei wet to Sg in 2008, i saw a man restoring some damaged papers...it was about Cory and a quoted CENTRAL INVESTMENT AGENCY somewhere in VATICAN??.... re: Ninoy becoming a hero....... and loaned by Central Investment Agency and Marcos...i understood in the papers that a lot of money should be returned to FM which shall be used for the Filipino people and Philippines to be debt-free...but as to what happened no one knows... Ninoy camae home , was made a hero, FM died..., Doy Laurel died not able to convey the truth...I asked the man why don.t you come out with it... he answered me.. i love my family and i want to live life free from fear and danger....
by 2010 before i left Sg, i met some infulential people and when they knew i was from the Philippines, they asked me .. do you know the political and economic history of your country..i replied honestly i don't...i received a mocking smile from them but they gave me bits and pieces of what they know... that FM was being invited to spend his exile in his house in SG but he was not allowed to travel then...for some reason that an expose would leak... but they reamain respecrful to FM for what he has done for his people...because if could have died after the maturity....your country could have been debt-free...

2 separate events... that had me thinking until now....

08/13/2013 1:51am

aother thing... i was asjked... "you Filipinos, don't you even know that the next president is being prepared by FM...in the person of Ninoy Aquino...but it was overwritten by the events of EDSA and the Cory- CIA arrrangements".....for the authenticity of their words... i cannot answer, i too am wondering...

i am hoping the man who restored the papers, is still alive... been searching for him for thepast years....no success yet... i remember him teling me his name Juan dela Cruz with a tease....

08/04/2013 8:45pm

Part of the stories are obviously made up! The writer must have been paid by the Marcoses to make up up such delusional ideas! Of all people why would it be Marcos whom Noynoy called to ask for money. And if you were Marcos, would you give 100,000 dollars to the person who have bashed you a million times just by a single phone call? C'mon! Be more creative next time!

08/04/2013 9:28pm

Saan ba kinasal si Cory ay Noynoy at may divorce na pinag uusapan. Kasi ang alam ko sa Pilipinas wala namang divorse.. diba sa pilipinas sila kinasal.

08/04/2013 10:11pm

is there divorced in Ph (c.1980)? this is such a trash?

08/04/2013 11:52pm

You should read the 1st paragraph.

11/17/2013 10:31am

yes, walang divorce sa Pilipinas pero sa US po na file and divorce at hindi sa Pilipinas. Pwedeng mag file ng divorce and mag asawa sa US pero hindi yun honored sa Pilipinas...in short sa US lang sila divorced at sa US din pwedeng mag asawa si Cory kung ginusto nyang mag asawa ulit...yun pong mga naisulat ay may katotohanan karamihan maaring yung iba ay hindi totoo pero hindi natin alam pwedeng totoo naman lahat at hindi yun imposible.

11/30/2013 1:03am

You can only get a divorce sa US if you can establish your residency. Kung ang visa mo ay tourist visa then you can't get a divorce since tourist ka lang. One of their requirements to get a divorce is to show that they are a resident in the US.

08/04/2013 10:36pm

Kung sino ka man na nagsulat nito. Eto lang masasabi ko...
Putang-Ina mo!

To the person who wrote this piece of shit... Fuck You Asshole!!!

KJ Ang
08/04/2013 11:46pm

duh! im not pro Aquino or Marcos, but the content of this letter is pure rubbish, maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na may pinag dadaanang sakit against Aquino family ang writer nito... puro paninira lang!

08/05/2013 1:11am

So I suppose susulat mo na rin na nagPOKPOK si Imelda Marcos sa isang daang bansa na binisita nya? Tangina ka ba't humihinga ka pa sa mga pinagsusulat mo? Ito ang sinasabi ko nuon pa eh, di na dapat nakabalik ng bansa ang mga PUNYETANG MARCOSes na yan, dapat sa mga yan SUNUGIN eh, sinong sasama para sunugin ang mga MARCOS na yan.

Demet 2
08/05/2013 8:12am

nanay mo? ay,sorry,kinakantot na pala sa impyernyo nanay mo.. si anak mo na lng.. sarap nyan.. ^_^

08/09/2013 6:18am

Put yourself on fire !! You demet !

05/31/2014 10:36pm

Masunog k mag-isa mo! Go to hell !

08/05/2013 2:02am

Proverb 11:9, “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor...”

Again, some people are hateful, malicious and rotten, searching and looking for one's sins so they can parade them publicly to destroy that person. This is horrible sin.

08/05/2013 2:03am

Proverb 11:9, “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor...”
Again, some people are hateful, malicious and rotten, searching and looking for one's sins so they can parade them publicly to destroy that person. This is horrible sin.

08/05/2013 2:46am

this article sucks!..

08/05/2013 4:04am

Reading almost all the comments, probably there are some truths to this but it seems a bit exaggerated and bias that’s why some people are reacting. Anyway, let’s just move on, we can’t linger on the past and but before we judge the writer or the people involved in the story, we should research more. I guess this is the only solution if we want the truth out and the claims vindicated (before ranting or raving about). ;p

08/05/2013 7:33pm

I am not stupid to believe this.

08/09/2013 6:21am

I am certainly not stupid not to believe this :)

Napadaan lang
08/06/2013 1:25am

Kung galit na galit ka hawak mo or malapit sayo ang plato pinggan baso sigurado ka bang hinding hindi ka magbabasag. Ang article na to ay projection ng isang indibidual na nakaranas ng panloloko panlilinlang pagwawalang bahala ng mga pinagkakatiwalaan, sigurado ka bang hindi mo rin gagawin ito? Ganun pa man tiyak na maappreciate ni ninoy ang pagiging totoo ng isang tao sa kanyang saloobin syang primary na adhikain ng isinusulong nyang demokrasya, kung galit ka gawa ka rin ng sayo gawa ka ng hate essay or hate letter mo

08/06/2013 1:34pm

this is pure stupidity and malicious,,,, sana nagliyab na si Cory sa Carmelite Monastery sa Cebu... Baka ang writer na ito ay Satanista.. lies lies lies and more lies...

Satire, anyone?
08/06/2013 5:27pm

Funny that everyone says it's rubbish. Bakit binasa niyo pa?

egis totheend
08/08/2013 3:09am

Certainly, there are a lot of libelous contents this write up is exposed to. One such is the part that besmirches Mr. Oscar Orbos who was said to have been caught personally by Cory lying naked with Kris who's also naked presumably lying on her back with her head on Mr. Oscar Orbos' belly. This is, indeed, very abominable. And, Mr. Oscar Orbos is such a man who hasn't involved himself in any controversy (Not once that I heard of) from the time he was Executive Secretary to Cory, up to now. And, I met him personally one time at the Intramuros golf course sometime in 2000 and he's so kind and a very approachable man that he was at the time.

04/30/2014 10:14pm

Ever heard of "damage control"?

teodoro u. alejandria
08/09/2013 4:26pm

Sometimes, its good to know reading and know who really are our true leaders, their true colors and hidden agenda. We almost glorified their
ascension into power, but until these expose,' all went down the drain.
Was Kris' sexual adventure a karma to Cory?.

ariel ng add
08/14/2013 9:53am

Everyone of us will face the judgement day of God. So good luck to what you think and do, just put God into your heart and i'm sure you will be of help to mankind. Be a true christian through my religion MCGI to ang dating daan. God bless us all.

Junny Lee
08/21/2013 6:02pm

Religion will never save you... Only the one true God can save you.

L Manuel
08/14/2013 9:30pm

total crap. Wasted 5 minutes of my life. I want them back.

concerned filipino
08/17/2013 10:14am

I shouldn't read the second and next paragraph to it coz it all lies. Whoever wrought this kind this of things know its not true.

08/22/2013 8:02pm

make your research....be friends or socialize with the kins of the people involved.....there's a tinge of truth..some just made in simile....

Junny Lee
08/21/2013 5:44pm

If indeed you want BBM to succeed in his presidential bid, then stop maligning the Aquino family, its not even helping. Mr. Marcos still has to clean his name by heeding to madame senator Santiago's call for the alleged people behind the Pork barrel scam.

jose pidal
08/21/2013 9:50pm

This article is written by an ARROYO PROPAGANDIST.

09/01/2013 3:50pm

nasaktan kayo sa mga ka22hanan na lumalabas d2 pero masakit parasamga Marcoses na ipublished sa Guiness yon kasamaan nila . na d naman 22o. Pinalayas dahil sa kasinungalingan ng iba jan d mailibing at kung anoano pa . lets be fair sa kapwa pilipino na puro pagdedemanda at pasama na wala ng mabuting Presidente lahat na lang kinukolong . nawala ng values natin integridad at ang kagandahan ng Pilipino . Keep naman , tangappin ninyo na rin yang paninira kasi karma lang yan kasi ginawa ninyo din . mabuhay doon sa sumulat about the negativeness of Cory kasi nangyayari naman . Puro immoral ksi nakkita namin sa mga aquino's legacy

joeseph ycong
09/04/2013 6:55am

makonsyensya ka sa ginawa mo, hindi ka sana patotologin sa kalolowa ni cory at ninoy kahit patay na sila ginamit mo pa sila para hiyain ang kanilang mga anak dahil sa enggit at personal na enteres mo.

boy sisi
05/31/2014 10:45pm

Bisayang chimpansi ayaw mo lang tsnggapin ang katotohanan...

joeseph ycong
09/04/2013 8:07am

cgoro ginawa ninvo ito, sumolat ka ng mga sinarios ginamit mo ang pangalan ni former president cory, at former senator ninoy, dahil sa galit ninyo kay president noynoy na tumolong ang malakanyang na maholi ka agad ang inyong rayna ng pork barrel na si janet napolis at kayo na ang sosonod na arestohin, at sa declarasyon ng presidente na ang PDAP na worth 70,000,000 at 200,000,000 hindi na lumsum, paano na ang inyong mga supporters na comandidato sa baranggay election, saan naman kayo kumuha ng malaking halaga para maibigay sa kanila, may ambetion naman kayong komandidato ng senator o presidente, PARA PANIWALAAN KA MAG PAKILALA KAYO,.....

Julhma Fernandez
09/30/2013 1:54am


This song is about the inevitability of your devils resurfacing no matter where you run. It's about how that which you run from will consume you because you will begin to see those qualities resurface in everything. It's an emotion that you're running from, not a thing outside of you. Because of this you're running from yourself and will never be away from it. The only way out of that is to purify yourself, not to run away from it.
Flagged pm325on February 04, 2013 Link

09/30/2013 6:05am

its disgusting ... no one has right to judge except god n we all be judged its just a matter of time.... learn to forgive n forget for nobody knows who is right or wrong.

10/03/2013 5:10am

I have been in look for of some information about it almost three time. You served me a lot indeed and analyzing this your publish I have found many new and useful information about this topic.

10/29/2013 12:08am

Haha! Sa sobrang ridiculous nito, nakakatawa. Dito nagpakasal sila Tita Cory tapos magdi-divorce sa states? Oh man. At mas nakakatawa yung mga parang enlightened na enlightened sa nabasa nila. Oh well, yan naman ang mark ng mga great deceivers e: harap-harapang panloloko. At ang mark ng mga mang-mang: nagpapaloko.

11/05/2013 1:33am

gumagawa nlang kayo storya ....wla n kasi kayong mahanap na ibang butas...heheheh kung sino k man gumawa ang galling mu gumawa ng maling script sana kumita nmn....

11/05/2013 1:35am

...wla n kasi kayong mahanap na ibang butas...heheheh kung sino sino at kung anunano nlang man gumawa ang galling mu gumawa ng maling script sana kumita nmn....

11/15/2013 10:07pm

"CORY did not love NINOY nor God." How would the writer know that? I am no fan of Cory, but the author is more than a little biased against Cory. While our loving pinay was certainly no angel, I cannot believe everything I am reading here.

11/18/2013 3:24pm

Ninoy and cory can divorce in USA because they have dual citizenship. Even the children are all dual citizens, US and Filipino citizenship. This is kept secret. The Aquinos have done this for the purpose of safety in case they will be driven out of the country just like what happened to the Marcos Family.This is what MONEY can do for the most not likely truth....

12/01/2013 5:29am

totoo to.. ingatan lng yung pangalan. npkawlang hiya.

12/01/2013 5:37am

di yan totoo. ungas

12/05/2013 1:48pm

For me this essay got a lot of stupid loopholes… if Cory forced the Marcos cronies to give her money, why the hell they did not publicized it, just to think how much they would like to create havoc that would oust Cory out of Malacañang.
Now, then you’re telling me, that the people who are present on Cory’s burial are all hakot…. Parang Gawain ata to ni Gloria. Baka si Gloria tong tinutukoy nyo at hindi si Cory. Buhay pa si Gloria di ba…
Then you are telling me that Marcos is much better than Cory…. OMG… why don’t you tell that to the victims of Martial Law.
I am just thinking… what really gave the writer the strength to malign a person… be it Cory or not… as civilized one, we have no right to malign or degrade other people dignity. What if this will be done to you or to your family.. will you be happy?
But maybe the writers strength here is the money deposited to his or her account…. Pera pera lang yan.
I don’t know what more to say… but I really pity you (the writer) or your soul is already toasted in hell.

12/19/2013 7:08pm

This article made me sad... for anyone who writes about another without evidences presented. Esp if the person involved passed away and by no means could defend herself. I think our culture is lacking responsible journalism in print, t.v. and internet. The people loves to feed on gossips rather than knowing the truth. I find this article's purpose unclear... Paninira ba o pagpapahayag ng katotohanan? With how the article was written, it only achieved to defame but failed to present the truth. :-(

12/20/2013 2:47pm

Kawawa naman ang writer nito, siguro malaki ang galit sa mga Aquino kc damamang dama ang inggit mo. Kaya masama ang tingin sa mga pinoy kadalasan ng ibang mga lahi kc sa mga tulad mo. May karma k din, tandaan mo.

12/29/2013 3:27am

cezar nazareno became chief afp under erap's time

01/06/2014 8:23am

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tea coal
01/07/2014 1:22am

Nice try marcos/arroyo fans.

02/05/2014 7:08pm

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02/06/2014 3:05pm

I remember in 1986, a day before the so called " People's Power"
I was in Tanay Market, selling jogging pants I made... trying to make money aside from nursing.. a jeep with loudspeaker was encouraging people to go to EDSA... This is how they said it... " Please go to EDSA tomorrow... whatever politics you are siding... If you are pro Marcos...or pro Cory... this is the time for us all to be united for our freedom... this is urgent... If you are patriotic... you should go"... then there was a "people power". People who were there have no idea why they were there. Thanks God , I had a sick child... I did'nt go... looking back... In my opinion, people were mislead. There is no real people power... They were used by Cory's people as human barricade to put Cory in power... because they know Marcos would never have a heart to hurt his own people.... The Filipino's. In this... Marcos was the hero.... he is the true patriotric..

03/14/2014 1:11am

"There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death." - Proverbs 16:25

Parang sinasabi ni noynoy na tuwid na daan ang ginagawa niya pero kita niyo naman na parang walang kwenta ang gobyerno di ba? Siguro nga medyo exaggerated yung sumulat nito, pero let's look at the facts. Facts that the government and the aquino family didn't want us to know. Sabihin na natin na personal life na yung pinaguusapan nila dito, pero kung ganyan naman talaga ang nangyayari, di ba dapat sila ang maexile sa pinas. Ang mga aquino pa rin ang isa sa mga pinakamayaman na pamilya sa bansa, pero iilan lang sa kanila ang nagtatrabaho, di ba parang nakakapagtaka lang. Ifilter niyo lang kasi yung tama at mali. ^_^

04/16/2014 7:17pm

Hoy kong nag sasabi kayo na kaylangan ng EBEDINSYA matanong ko lang bigyan nyo nga ako ng EBEDINSYA kong bakit naging hero si NINOY? WHY BLAME MARCOS and accused FEM killed Ninoy? EBEDISNSYA? tapos bakit mag sasayang si FEM na ipagamot pa ang isang TAONG may papanagotan? I know FEM is a GOOD man he gives a lot to the poor... how about now Compared sa mga nag daang presidente mismong katiting sa mga achievements ni FEM wala sila... ang Ginagawa lang BININTA ang mga GOLDENACHIEVEMENTS na mga POWER PLANTS sa pinas tsaka ginawang PRIVADO example na jan is PAL/PETRON PH/ at mga ibang POWERPLANTS na noon ay GOVERNMENT OWNED ngayon?

Ang pinaglalaban ko lang ay KATOTOHANAN so fuck you sa mga matandang BEBOT na MATANDANG followers at DIEHARD kay PANOT nag sisi ako na sya binoto ko.. pUtang ina! nadawit sa maling akala na DAAN MATUWID pak you!!

Who well Protect this FUCKIN rooted COUNTRY that has been DEMOLISHED By cojuangco aquino

04/23/2014 1:48am

Kung iisipin mo mas marami nagdurusa ngayon kung para noon. Kung totoo mabuti si Cory bakit Hindi niya hinanap ang pumatay sa asawa niya

04/23/2014 8:17am

created by an ?arroyo propagandis"? as long as its kapampangan vs. kapampangan, everything is fine with me.

04/23/2014 8:40pm

To tell you the Truth Ferdinand Marcos is the greatest president of the Republic of the Philippines

05/22/2014 6:43pm

hugutin sana ng magasawang aquino ang mga paa ng author na ito at ihagis sa impyerno!

Juan Dela Cruz
06/11/2014 12:59am

bigyan ng jacket yan!siguro may bad side ang mga cojuangco at aquino.pero un nag sulat na ito halatang malakas trip.basher,

07/04/2014 5:44am

Hahahaha! Why the eff are the Aquino-Cojuangcos considered as "saints and heroes" if in fact they really destroyed the Philippines? To this person who wrote and posted this article, I give more kudos to you!

07/12/2014 1:09pm

as long as we still exist in this world there will always be problems like this. we are just so stupid. just live with our stupidity, that's the only thing we can do. bear it stupid people yes we are!


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